Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, touch businesses – like mine – need enhanced health safety protocols.

This is an overview of my new health safety policy.

– Upon entry I will squirt some alcohol sanitizer into your hands to insure you don’t bring any viroids into the incall space.

– I ask all clients to wear masks when they arrive and while they are on their back during the session.

– Clients will need to confirm that they have not had any symptoms, work in an emergency room, or have visited heavily affected areas within the past 30 days.

– All clients must carefully shower at the beginning of the session using hot water and the soap provided.

– If you request water, you will be provided water in a disposable compostible cup.

– I have a fancy viral killing air purifier that is set up in my massage room on the floor at the head of the massage table.  It cleans 650 sq ft.  The room is 180sq ft.

– I wear a mask the entire session (except occasionally when client is face down).

– I leave windows open as often as possible for air circulation.

– I replace bathroom hand towels after every client.

– I wipe down every door knob, faucet, toilet handle, shower handle, etc that clients touch or might touch before and after the session with Cavicide.


These policies are meant to protect us and also to relieve deeper anxieties so we can de-stress more fully during the session. Please note that I’ll only be seeing a few clients per week to reduce risk. If you or a housemate is immune compromised, or over the age of 70, I recommend not booking at this time. The 24 hour cancellation policy is waived if you feel unwell or notice a cough developing and need to cancel. However, once invoked, you may not rebook for 30 days and must confirm you were in self-quarantine with absolutely no symptoms.

Thank you and I look forward to our time together. Now let’s focus on Your Sensual Evolution!