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SOCIAL Sessions

A  personalized somatic counseling/coaching session is to arrive at a simple and pure awareness of who you are. A social companionship is platonic company, deep listening, lively conversation.
my social sessions

You will discover that…Before any techniques or physical practices can be helpful to enhance your sensuality and sexuality, what needs to be uncovered first are your beliefs and attitudes about sex and relationships, along with any and all misinformation (conditioning and traumas) you’ve collected over your life.


My work is for people who are CURIOUS ABOUT and even HUNGRY FOR exploring, cultivating, and fulfilling their deepest sexual selves (in or out of relationship) in a whole-bodied context (mind: body: spirit)

  • Achieve a profound self-awareness and self-love.
  • Integrate clarity of personal desires, needs, wants, and preferences.
  • Accomplish crystal clear boundaries and communication skills.
  • Posses happier and more harmonious relationships.



Once I receive your intake form, we will set up a time for our initial 20-minute phone call. This call will help us determine compatibility and establish what your visions and intentions are for our work together, as well as discuss logistics, rates, etc. Our next step will be to schedule a time for our first session.

All first sessions are approximately 90 minutes. Subsequent sessions are up to 75 minutes (unless a longer time frame is requested).

I will send you an email with primer questions a day or two before our first session (and each additional session) to help both of us prepare.

My healing studio is located in Oakland, close to downtown, just off the 580. Approximately 20-minutes from San Francisco and 30-35 minutes from the north and south bays.

Phone and Skype Sessions
Sessions by phone or Skype are available for clients living outside of the San Francisco Bay Area or when necessary.

My coaching/counseling schedule is usually Monday-Friday 10am-noon and 5-7 pm, with flexibility for afternoon hours. I can be available when needed (and only if available) on certain weekends, though I prefer to focus our scheduling Monday-Friday day time hours as much as possible.

Each session includes email contact & personalized assignments before and between sessions.

**Credit cards (+5% service fee) and PayPal accepted

Please Note
My work in this realm is somatic counseling/coaching (talk-based with the use of intentional touch for the purposes of teaching, not arousing). I am NOT a sex surrogate or an escort. No explicit sexual activity or mutually arousing touch is ever offered or implied through these sessions.

Additionally, there is a $60 fee for same day appointments.


Would you like company?

  • Platonic company
  • Deep listening
  • Lively conversation!
  • Dinner companionship


An early lunch before our session, enjoyable company for a walk about town or an evening on the town.

AVAILABILITY: 8am – noon and 6pm – 11pm with advanced scheduling only

RATE: $80/half hour (60-minute minimum day time and 90-minute minimum evening) + any expense for our activities (admission, meal, drinks, etc)