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SOCIAL Sessions

my social sessions

I have often discovered that before any techniques or physical practices
can be helpful to enhance your sensuality and sexuality,
what needs to be uncovered first are your beliefs and attitudes about sex and relationships,
along with any and all misinformation, conditioning, and traumas
you’ve collected over your life.

And sometimes just a conversation with an impartial listener to share things you’ve never shared before to clear your head.

let’s talk!


social companion & PERSONAL confidant

Would you like company?

  • Platonic company
  • Lively conversation
  • Deep listening
  • Compassionate understanding
  • Dinner companionship
  • Fun outings


An early lunch before our session, enjoyable company for an afternoon stroll, or perhaps an evening on the town.  I have joined clients for meals, walks in the park, hikes, bike rides, Broadway shows.  I enjoy any and all of these.

AVAILABILITY: 8am – noon and 6pm – 11pm with advanced scheduling only

RATE: $100/half hour (60-minute minimum day time and 90-minute minimum evening) + any expense for our activities (admission, meal, drinks, etc)